Our products are a true godsend for those who need to reduce or completely stop consuming sugar-, gluten-containing products with unhealthy additives!
The rhythm of life often does not allow us to be able to cook a healthy dish and take it with us...

Therefore, we offer a natural, delicious and healthy snack - Fruit foods!

– a natural snack with a pure composition in the form of lozenges or bars based on fruits, berries, nuts and seeds, without harmful
additives, does not contain date paste, peanuts, sugar, gluten
- provides ½ the norm of dietary fiber
- solves the problem of nutrition in the field
- convenient and eco-friendly packaging
- convenient shape in the form of plates
- a small check not > 200 rubles
- everyone can afford the product

In the production of fruit foods, we use exclusively natural raw materials with its natural taste and smell. Basically, this fruit variety grows abundantly in the middle zone: apples are the basis, options are added: currants, raspberries, sea buckthorn, blueberries, sunflower seeds, flax and pumpkin. We also use gifts from the tropics – bananas, cocoa beans, chia seeds, various

About us


Fruit products are a new generation of snacks.

We combine fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, dry at low temperatures, thereby ensuring the safety of vitamins and nutrients.

Fruit products are ideal for:

• people who take care of their health

• children of any age

• vegans and vegetarians

• athletes and those who experience high physical activity

100% delicious natural product for a quick, convenient and healthy snack at school, at work, at home.

Sea Buckthorn-Ginger
Ingredients: apples, sea buckthorn, ginger, sunflower seeds.
Ingredients: apples, cherries, cocoa beans.
Ingredients: apples, strawberries, chia seeds.
Ingredients: apples, fresh mint, green matcha, lime, coconut chips.
Ingredients: apples, hazelnuts.
Ingredients: apples, pomegranate juice, chia seeds.
Ingredients: apples, cranberries, hazelnuts.
Mango Chia
Ingredients: apples, mango, chia seeds.
Ingredients: apples, blueberries, chia seeds.
Ingredients: apples, tangerines, flax seeds.
Pina Colada
Ingredients: apples, pineapple, coconut milk, coconut chips.
All products
All products


All products
All products
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Terms of the promotion:
  • Validity period: until March 31, 2023 inclusive.
  • Territory of action: The whole of Russia.
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  • If you have not withheld the discount, make a new order and get a 10% discount on the next order. Keep the 10% discount by making repeat orders no later than 20 days from each previous one. The countdown starts from the day of placing the order.*
  • Minimum order amount: 1000 rubles, including all discounts.
  • Discounts and gifts on promotions do not add up. Other promotions taking place during the same period do not apply to orders participating in the "Your Personal 10% Discount" promotion.
We deliver in Moscow and the Moscow region, and we can also send an order by mail throughout Russia. Delivery cost: from 120 rubles and above, depending on the size of the product.

Features of technology and production

  • Original recipes
    In the production of the entire product line, we do not use in principle: date paste (high glycemic index), added sugars, peanuts (allergen), preservatives, dyes and other components that can harm human health.
  • Unique technology

    Natural bars are made using a unique new technology based on dried fruits, berries with the addition of nuts, seeds, whole grains, spices.

  • Quality

    Formulations and technologies are based on a scientific and technical base, the first preclinical tests of raw materials and finished products have been carried out.

  • An honest and clean composition is put on the label
    The recipes of the bar use maltitol and sorbitol syrups. Sorbitol syrup has a beneficial effect on the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Maltitol syrup reduces the caloric content of the product.
  • Position

    Our products are positioned in the growing category of healthy lifestyle / PP, price segment: medium + / premium.

  • The main ingredient in the production of fruit foods are apples
    We do not use ready-made applesauce in production. There are several ways to preserve fruit and berry puree, so according to GOST, it is permissible to add sulfurous anhydride, benzoic acid, sorbic acid to the puree. This is the so-called chemical method, the most common in practice. Sulfurous acid - as a preservative has a number of disadvantages. It is harmful to the human body more than benzoin, as it is a cumulative poison that accumulates in the body as it is consumed. Due to the volatility of sulfurous acid, working conditions deteriorate. In addition to chemical methods of preserving puree, others are also used: temperature sterilization, welding with sugar, freezing. But these methods are not widely used for the production of applesauce. Therefore, we recommend that you take an interest in the details of the compositions of similar products from other manufacturers before buying
Our mission
Mission – global assistance to society through nutrition improvement.

The MISSION is to return to society products with a natural useful composition. Popularization of snacks with a "pure composition" among children and adults, to ensure import substitution in the fast food market.
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